September 14, 2013

Days 204-210

Day 204
 Dahlia perfection in Shannon's front yard

Day 205
 Sweet treasures . . . my mama and my dad.

Day 206
 Black-eyed Susan and a shiny green fly.

Day 207
 Interesting evergreen shrub.

Day 208
 Lots of red lights here . . . first of 3 hindrances to making an appointment on time.  Next I ran into some construction and then there was a police incident.  

Day 209
 My little miss is happy her hair is growing back and she has found a new sweet spot to curl up in.

Day 210
Stellar's jay at my friend's house.  
He comes every evening and waits for them to bring out peanuts.

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  1. I like the way the green back on the fly is so reflective - it looks like some type of armour.


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