July 13, 2012

Days 148-154

Day 148 
 Weeds or not, there is something magical about these feathery "wishing flowers".

Day 149
 Foxglove curving towards the light . . . such beautiful wildflowers.

Day 150
 The last of the tiger lilies . . . standing tall.

Day 151
These lovely "Angel Eyes" pansies are extremely fragrant . . . nature's perfume.

Day 152
Waiting in a construction line-up on my way to White Rock  . . . fireweed wildflowers  capture my attention and my camera captures them.

Day 153
Way back on Day 85, I posted a shot of some onions that had sprouted green shoots like crazy.  I planted them as I had read that they would produce a lovely onion flower in time.  And here it is, just starting to open.

Day 154 
Been taking the time to kick off the sandals, go barefoot and get grounded.

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  1. Hey Andrea, I did the same thing yesterday. I was walking around Westmount Park(on the sidewalk) when I threw off my sandals and touched the earth. So good.
    Loved the pansies. You don't see them much anymore but they sure were a must flower in the gardens of my youth.


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