July 6, 2012

Days 141-147

Day 141
 We have had some very noisy crow conventions around here lately.

Day 142
 Canterbury bells bent low with heavy rains.

Day 143
 Canada Day at Cloverdale Millenium Park
Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their iconic uniforms.

Day 144
 Neighbour kitty comes for a visit every so often . . . such a friendly fella.

Day 145
Another crow shot this week, sitting on a fence post at Evergreen Baptist Senior's Residence.

Day 146
 Now this one just tickles me seeing as I love dragonflies and my favourite colour is green.  The shadows of his wings are so detailed that they look real too.

Day 147
Love this latest gazania flower to open up . . . so vibrant.


  1. All so lovely and special to me because they are your daily life.

  2. I love the dragonfly from day 146 - the green, the grain and the lattice work wings. Beautifully captured and framed!

  3. beautiful flowers and winged ones. I have a meme I try to get running. It is about our winged ones. Would you consider ading this post?



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