June 29, 2012

Days 134-140

Day 134
 I am just tickled with this shot because I have struggled so much with shooting yellow roses . . . I find it hard to get definition on individual petals but this one turned out nicely.

Day 135
 "Are you sure this is not tuna day?"
Zack and Gracie think every day should be tuna day.

Day 136
 Uprooted all of the tiger lilies from the beds last fall and put them in pots to make way for the tulips, and other spring bulbs.  As you can see they are thriving in their new location.

Day 137
 This is the view from my window while seated at my computer desk.  I have had to pull the sheers over and hook them out of the way as Gracie has taken to reaching up really high with her front paws and swinging like a Cirque de Soleil artist.  Now I get to enjoy the flowers from inside and my curtains are safe from kitty claws.

Day 138
 This basket of tomatoes on the vine will soon be turned into stewed tomatoes.  I like to keep a few tubs of them in the freezer to throw in my soups.

Day 139
The girls and I had quite the adventure trying to see this movie today.  We were all set up to see it at Guildford at 1:15 only to discover that showing was in 3D, which none of us enjoy.  We then went to Strawberry Hill only to find out that the 2 pm matinee didn't start until tomorrow and we would have to wait until 4:40 if we wanted to see it today.  So, very disappointed, we went to Starbucks and Chapters and soon were all cheery again.  By the time we were done at Chapters it was 4:00 and we decided dinner could wait . . . we would see the show.  This girl with the flaming locks (Merida) reminds me so much of my girl . . . Shannon's hair was big and long and all over the place, too and she has never been one to bow to tradition.  I love this photo because the reflection you see is Shannon and Merida's head is perfectly positioned at the top of Shannon's jacket.

Day 140
Garlic scapes . . . I had just discovered these curious curlicues atop my garlic plants and didn't know that they had their own name.  This morning, Amanda from Soule Mama blog had a post devoted to scapes and the ways you can serve them up.  I picked them and had one with my dinner.  Very cool!


  1. I enjoyed your post and your photos. The rose shot is fabulous! PS My countertop is like yours.

  2. very beautiful pics! thanks for stopping by :)


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