June 8, 2012

Days 113-119

Day 113
 Lovely rhododendrons shot while waiting for the light to turn green.

Day 114
 Such a sweet chickadee  . . . perfect profile shot.

Day 115
 Love the deep purple of this iris . . . it didn`t flower last year and I almost pulled it up.  So glad I gave it another chance.

Day 116
 House sparrow takes a turn in the neighbours Scotch Pine tree.  It sits right up against the fence so I get a great view of all the birdies that stop to sit a spell.

Day 117
 I cross a little bridge over the Serpentine River on the way to the senior`s home . . . it truly is serpentine in its meanderings through Surrey.

Day 118
 The red peonies are opening up much quicker than the white and pink ones this year. 
 So lovely.

Day 119
Zack and Gracie . . . ready to rumble as usual.  And they`re off . . .


  1. O that chickadee... I 'love' that photo! What a catch!

  2. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    You took that while you were waiting for the light to turn green! I couldn't have gotten that good of a shot with a tripod. You are simply AMAZING, Dear Friend. Also,
    the story of your iris made me think of Jesus' story of the fig tree. This is a great reminder to "give "whatever" another chance". Heaven knows, I've had many chances. The birds in the pines are just so very perfect. I do not have a great enough word for how pleasing they are to my eyes.

    You need to snap for National Geographic, Andrea Dawn. You really really do!

  3. Andrea - you have a gift for taking excellent photos! My favourite out of this set is the "Sweet Chickadee".
    I also agree with Dawn that there must be a magazine that would showcase your photos.


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