June 15, 2012

Days 120-126

Day 120
Raindrops on roses . . . in black & white.

Day 121
One of three cats in our household . . . Chloe, the grand old dame with the emerald eyes.

Day 122
I found this snail on the rim of a cement and stone table.  Love the colours against the mix of pebbles.

Day 123
This crazy critter had me doing research to identify it.  Turns out it is a brachonid wasp and that long thing that looks like a needle is called an ovipositer by which it deposits its eggs in a favourable location.

Day 124
Love my feathered friends that come to visit.

Day 125
With the allium finished, the lavender is the newest attraction for the bees.

Day 126
My daughter's garage sale find . . . very cool!

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  1. Andrea Dawn, that rose is absolutely gorgeous, and so perfect in black and white. Your little Chloe is just precious. Those eyes are amazing!
    I wish you a beautiful beginning to your week!


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