June 1, 2012

Days 106-112

Day 106
 Have so enjoyed the allium this year . . . and so is this "flitter critter".

Day 107
 One of the rescue eagles at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  Unable to fly it would not survive in the wild.

Day 108
 Lacy fern fronds unfurling in the warm spring air.

Day 109
 Gracie snuggling up in the laundry pile.

Day 110
 Mama duck settled on her nest under a rhododendron bush.  She was discovered at the Evergreen Baptist Seniors Home where I visit with a lady.  The staff cordoned off the area and posted "Do Not Disturb" signs.

Day 111
 Patchwork "twirly" skirt for my oldest grandgirly turning 10 next week.

Day 112
The first bloom on my Mother's Day rose from last year.  This is a highly fragrant, award winning hybrid and exhibition quality rose named "Elle".


  1. I love the skirt. You amaze me with your domesticity. It must be your patience. You just keep at things and get so much done so beautifully.


  2. Dawn, whenever I'm down I'm swinging straight over to Dawn's Happy World where I can see sunshine and hear birdsong and pet kittens and see all my favorite things ;-)Charming post! You warm my heart today!

  3. Andrea Dawn, these are such wonderful images!
    That eagle is amazing, and I just love the skirt for your grandgirlie.
    She is going to be one happy young lady.
    I wish you a most wonderful weekend!


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