May 25, 2012

Days 99-105

Day 99
This library building that was once considered an "eyesore" has been transformed into a living work of art.

Day 100
 Looking forward to enjoying some strawberries later on in the season.

Day 101
 Chubby baby birds visiting the feeder this week . . . mama close by.

Day 102
 I am just amazed at the variety of colours, sizes and shapes of clematis vines . . . this one is called "Will Barron".

Day 103
 Colour coming in my first rose bud . . . now there are over a dozen.  I can hardly wait to smell their gorgeous fragrance once again.

Day 104
 These are what I am eating while I wait for my own to grow and ripen.  So sweet!

Day 105
 Home made carrot soup with a swirl of cream . . . flavour enhanced with fresh squeezed orange juice and grated ginger.


  1. The ivy on that building is amazing Andrea Dawn!
    Indeed it is a work of art.
    All of your flowers look wonderful.
    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful spring.

  2. Interesting that you took a picture of a purple clematis. All the ones I am seeing around my neighborhood are purple this year AND so lovely. I smiled when I saw yours. I'd love to see that library for real.



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