May 4, 2012

Days 78-84

Day 78
Contorted Filbert at the garden centre.  These are supposed to be absolutely gorgeous in the winter and great for clipping and including in floral arrangements.  
We want one, yes we do.

Day 79
First bud on last year's Mother's Day Rose Bush . . . "Elle".

Day 80
A quilt I made for a friend who loves purple and cats.

Day 81
New Guinea Impatiens "Grape Crush" . . . a sweet surprise from my girl.

Day 82
 A neighbour's flowering shrub features yellow-orange double flowers.
Kerria Japonica . . . thank you google for help identifying this plant.

Day 83
Cool stool at my friend's house.

Day 84
Another day of liquid sunshine in the lower mainland of beautiful British Columbia.

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  1. your liquid sunshine?... you got the drips, we got the glow!
    lovely photos! Yellow roses make Bethany's heart glad!


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