May 11, 2012

Days 85-91

Day 85
 The end of my 50 lb. bag of onions . . . I used some of the greens in my soup and planted the other two in a big pot outside.  I discovered that although they won't produce onions, they will produce a beautiful seed-head. 

Day 86
 Spotted Towhee in the neighbours flowering tree.

Day 87
 Three small volunteer trees that were growing along the fence down the backside of the house.  Repotted them for my container garden.

Day 88
 Temperatures are getting much warmer . . .  so enjoying spring now that it is finally here.

Day 89
 Decided to push myself a little more exercise-wise and headed down the lane to go around the block.  Turns out the block is not square and took me 35 minutes.  This lovely branch hanging over the fence caught my eye, as of course, I brought my camera along with me.

Day 90
 Beautiful spring day but quite breezy. . . tulips bending in the wind.

Day 91
One of the neighbour kids across the lane created this chalk family portrait.  Yes, that is 6 kids.

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  1. Each one precious... I so look forward to visiting here! I made stew last night with an onion that looked just like those... my last one!
    Love the repotting... AND that family portrait!


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