May 18, 2012

Days 92-98

Day 92
 I invented a truly delicious frozen smoothie treat . . . 1 banana, roughly 1 cup of frozen pineapple, juice of an orange and 1 cup mixed frozen blueberries and blackberries.  It was so thick and delicious and made this lovely swirly pattern in the blender.  I will be making this again . . . almost as good as ice cream and better for you.

Day 93
 Mother's Day cupcakes cooling on rack . . . my daughter's creations.

Day 94
 White petunias basking in early morning sun.

Day 95
 Found these happy faces at Art's Nursery.

Day 96 
 Snail and shell on hardy hibiscus . . . creation's wonders.

Day 97
 This fella came for breakfast and was just 3 feet away from me.  I was already outside with my camera and just froze when he landed in front of me.  Carefully raising my camera I was able to get about 5 shots off before he spooked.  Isn't he gorgeous?

Day 98
Blue-eyed grass . . . "Devon Skies".  
The flowers close up at dusk each evening and open up wide with the sun.


  1. Each one a treat!
    We add a frozen banana and frozen blueberries to our goats milk for smoothies like this... absolutely delightful. I would never have guessed it was a view down in a blender. That is a great trick one!
    loved the snail composition! and the blues how the jay and Devon skies match! Love Blue!!

  2. great shots and beautiful flowers! if you like join us at weekend flowers :)

  3. Reusable cupcake "thingies" How very cool? I never saw anything like them before. My favorite of the plants was the petunia. It looked like cloth with the light glowing through it. I also liked the snail shot. There is just something very artsy about a snail.

    Love them all,


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