October 26, 2012

Days 253-259

Day 253
Sunshine and shadows on golden leaves.

Day 254
I love the contrast of the solid church structure and the small tree with most of its leaves carried off by the wind.  It speaks to me in so many ways . . .                                                

Day 255
With the return of the cooler weather the feathered friends are returning.  
I really missed them.

Day 256
Diversity in nature . . . deciduous and evergreen, 
standing side by side like faithful friends.

Day 257
My painted pumpkin from the pumpkin painting party my daughter had for her boccia group.  Six young ladies in wheel chairs, my daughter and I helping.  Loads of fun, paint everywhere . . . smiles and laughter, shiny eyes and happy hearts.

Day 258
My little plate of starfish and stones.  The stone with my name on it is from David & Molly's wedding reception.

Day 259
Lafarge #1 Substation across the Fraser River from Delta where I work.  Sneaked away on my lunch break to enjoy the first sunny day in a while.  


  1. I love the rock and the memory it calls up.
    The painted pumpkin is lovely. great job!
    And all the gold, I love the gold. One day after I have been tried I shall come forth as it!
    Water water... ours is all frozen! It will soon be 'Get out the skates!'
    Everyday, a gift; God remains good forever!

  2. Once again I'm attracted to the industrial lines against the natural sky and reflected again in the water. My favourite this week is the photo of the Lafarge site. Your consistency is inspiring Andrea...staying focussed on your project and providing us with glimpse of your life every week. Thank you again.

  3. All beautiful in their own way. I love your comments as much as the images. The church and tree probably spoke the most to me.


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