October 7, 2012

Days 232-238

Day 232
 This little critter is a frequent visitor around these here parts . . . he's usually too fast for me to get a good shot.

Day 233

 Hydrangeas still hanging on, being beautiful.

Day 234
 Had some fun playing with colour here.  I love how it turned out.

Day 235
 My sister and brother-in-law in Montreal have posted a number of photos on FaceBook featuring a graffiti chicken.  When I saw this bird I knew it would make it in my Photo A Day line-up the next time I was stopped at the light long enough to take the shot.

Day 236
 More colour play featuring a wrought iron planter hanger.

Day 237
 Such glorious fall days . . . hard to believe it is October.  Stopped in traffic again on way home from work . . . a common occurrence. 

Day 238
Tried to get some shots at the coffee roastery where I work but the lighting was off and most of them were blurry as well.  Had to settle for these rows of coffee pump pots.  

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