April 13, 2012

Days 57-63

Day 57
White magnolia blossoms.

Day 58
Across the street and down the lane a little  . . . lovely pink blossoms.

Day 59
 Emma . . . can't decide if she wants to go out or stay in. (A friend's cat)

Day 60
 This robin was singing a lovely song.

Day 61
 More blossoms  . . . they are everywhere this week.  These were at the pool in Langley.

Day 62
 When returning my mobility aids to the Red Cross I spied this little fellow outside the restaurant next door.

Day 63
Clematis has started putting out buds . . . hope they get a little farther along the trellis this year.

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  1. birds and blossoms... a sure sign of Spring.
    Beautiful my friend, especially the part about returning your mobility aids...


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