September 15, 2014

Days 176-182

Day 176
 Big clouds rolling in over Ontario farmland.

Day 177
 The sun setting on my trip to Ontario . . . the airport awaits.

Day 178
 My peace lily bloomed at work while I was away.

Day 179
 Learning a little about hydrangeas . . . this is a blue "mophead" variety.

Day 180
 Discovered this down the backside of the house on my way to the compost.
Creepily beautiful!

Day 181
 Most of my planters suffered in the heat this year but not this one.

Day 182
Hydrangea arborescens, "Annabelle", commonly referred to as Snowball. 
End of lesson.


  1. I love the Ontario farmland photo. B.C. is beautiful but I am so glad to have been able to see some of eastern Canada. Feeling nostalgic.

  2. The common denominator in all of these photos is a wonderful quality of light.


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