August 10, 2012

Days 176-182

Day 176
 Daddy long legs on my bedroom window.

Day 177
 Red sunflower bud showing its colours.

Day 178
 Enchanting osteospermum.

Day 179
 A few days later . . . opening up nicely.

Day 180
 Ah, sweet peas . . . a sweet scented summer favourite.

Day 181
Pink cosmos bud and lacy foliage . . . so delicately beautiful.

Day 182
First time I've seen a grasshopper all year  . . . gotcha!  I didn't have my camera with me so I asked him to stay put while I ran in the house to get it. He did . . . thank you.


  1. such amazing beauty flows from your heart... you are certainly related to our Abba Father.
    Each photo has a captured beauty its own.

  2. So you know how to talk to creatures's a real gift.

  3. All these are lovely...Project 365s do keep you shooting.
    Although I love sunflowers, the cosmos on Day!
    That one is exquisite!


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