November 22, 2012

Days 281-287

Day 281
 Spider plant needing a transplant soon . . . growing like crazy.

Day 282
 I've really enjoyed playing with rainy windshield shots . . . looks almost like oil painting.

Day 283
 One of the things I love about fall is seeing all the places where feathered friends had built their nests.

Day 284
 Love the way this shot turned out . . . another traffic scene from my evening commute.

Day 285
 A swatch of fabric from a Christmas project . . . that's all I'm saying.

Day 286
 A bowl of "fruit" from Shannon's Chinese Lantern Plant.

Day 287
The things dads do for their girls . . . like climbing really tall ladders to hang stars in the vaulted foyer.  Thanks, Ken.  Alison and Shannon are tickled to finally have them up.

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  1. What a lot of fun! They are ALL my favourite this week... especially the bowl of orange lanterns!


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