November 29, 2012

Days 288-294

Day 288
 This Christmas themed pitcher and bowl was a gift from my sweet girl.

Day 289
 Sweet pea tendrils in the late November sun.

Day 290
 I've finally turned aside to take pictures of this old barn . . . been meaning to do so for months.

Day 291
 What can I say . . . dark chocolate with chili is awesome!  Ditto for the sea salt.

Day 292
 Old photo treatment to another "drivin' home" shot.  The moon was full and totally mesmerizing.

Day 293
 Miss Chloe vegging on the couch . . . she is totally in the zone.

Day 294
Misty raindrops look almost like falling snow.


  1. What a lovely variety... tendrils tugs at my heart as mine are under a blanket of snow! Misty Raindrops is like a painting ...I love old barns and chocolate and P.E.A.C.E.
    Would love to take a walk with you my friend...a 'really with you' walk!

    1. Thanks, Susan . . . a "really with you" walk would be delightful.

  2. I love the colour green and the way the light picks out the details along the edge of the plant is so pure. My favourite of the week. Next is the barn aging gracefully under a clear sky with a tree looking on. And number three for the week is the antique looking photo of cars along an old road under in the misty moonlight. The last one triggers good feelings of being safe in the backseat of the old station wagon with Dad at the wheel. Trust and Security along with a little sprinkle of Adventure.


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