December 8, 2012

Days 295-301

Day 295
 Our ladies group at my church is called "Beloved".  Finally made it to one of the gatherings . . . great  food, great fun, great speaker.

Day 296
 Went Christmas shopping with my daughter and since she was driving, I rode shotgun, camera in hand.  

Day 297
 Lovely angel ornament on one of my daughter's trees.

Day 298
Winter figurines.

Day 299
 This is what I have been doing every night after work for weeks.

Day 300
 Such a great lampstand and coordinating bokeh.

Day 301
Wintry shot with nest and a valiant fringe of leaves on top . . .  don't know how they still hang on with all the high winds we have had.


  1. that was a nice Vancouvery walk! Thanks for inviting us along throughout this year. I so look forward to it! How many trees does Shannon have decorated? I love all the love of Christmas and the opportunity to share our Saviour's coming to day 300 and the 'Beloveds'

    1. Thanks, Susan. Shannon has 2 big ones and 1 little one, but she has a lovely space in her foyer with a vaulted ceiling so she's thinking an extra tall tree would be just perfect. She is my "I love everything Christmas" child for sure.


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