December 21, 2012

Days 309-315

Day 309
 Friday afternoon commute . . . enjoying the lights along the river as I head for home and happy for the weekend.

Day 310
 Totally tickled to find this Christmas cactus sporting so many blossoms.  
They were all facing the window so I hadn't noticed them until I pulled it off the sill to give a good watering.

Day 311
 Finally got my tree up . . . love these little mirrored ornaments.

Day 312
 Christmas card from my Dad . . . even at 55 the little girl in me needs to know my daddy thinks I'm beautiful.

Day 313
 I am so delighted with the way my wreath turned out . . . it was definitely needing an overhaul.

Day 314
 It was a cold and blustery, snow a-blowin', stay home from work day.  I didn't mind so very much . . . the staying home part.

Day 315
Chloe, cat-napping while the girls and I watch a Christmas movie.

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  1. snowy and blustery here too...Eduardo is on holidays now so we can just curl up and rest together, warm against the cold front that arrived today... your kitty is happy too!


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