November 9, 2012

Days 267-273

Day 267
Outside one of my windows at work . . . some kind of creepy beautiful.

Day 268
A blustery soaker of a day . . . I was in the van while the girls where getting Starbucks.

Day 269
Whimsical sculpture at Holland Park, Surrey, BC.

Day 270
Since falling back from Daylight Savings Time, my commute home after work is in the dark.  Just another 6 weeks and it will start staying lighter later.

Day 271
Thrift store find for my bathroom . . . gerbera daisies.

Day 272
Encouragement from nature . . . don't dispair, your change is coming.

Day 273
Heavy traffic morning gave lots of opportunities to snap away.  Love the early morning sunlight and the vine wrapping around the fence slats.  


  1. I just wish there were more... love these!
    The spider web seems somehow abstract... has the lady been drinking?

    1. Yes, Susan, the web was unlike any I've seen . . . no particular pattern, just very random strands of silk. And it is very big, covers a space about 6 feet square.

  2. Love your observations on life. My favourite this time is the bluster day.

  3. Interesting that God makes even the 'creepy' look beautiful - I've always been fascinated by spiders and like them from a distance. Although in Singapore I had a close relationship with a rather large and hairy one that took up residence behind my toothbrush mug in the bathroom for a few days. I would walk in, grab my brush - he would dart out from behind the mug and I would say good morning. Mutual respect. Thanks for posting the photo.


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