February 18, 2013

Second Time Around, Days 1-7

Day 1
Pussy willows from my visit to Surrey Lake Park.

Day 2
Bare tree in the median . . . looks so brave standing there with traffic whizzing by on both sides.  Off to a movie with the girls for my birthday.

Day 3
My Gracie girl captivated by the twirling blades of the ceiling fan.

Day 4
Thrifted treasure . . . exquisite!

Day 5
A favourite Christmas gift . . . Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Day 6
Witch hazel at Sendall Gardens in Langley, BC.  
Trying to discover some new parks this year.

Day 7
Another great thrift store find.  "Many Thoughts of Many Minds" . . .
"Being a Treasury of Reading and Reference
Selections from the writings of the most celebrated 
authors from the earliest period to the present time."
By Henry Southgate 
(Originally published 1896.  This is the Popular Revised Edition, early 1900's)

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  1. fun capturing moments with you dear friend! These are all precious each one!


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