February 25, 2013

Day 8 -14

Day 8
Aboriginal sculpture at Vancouver International Airport.  Went to play catch-up with a friend with 4 hours to wait between flights.

Day 9
My girl . . . I love her.

Day 10
 Some late winter colour.

Day 11
My dear grandgirlie #2 taken summer 2010. Only the editing was done this day as I was not really up to taking pictures. This is the day I had all my remaining teeth out and an immediate denture placed.

Day 12
A pretty thrift store find . . . so many possibilities.

Day 13
 A colourful storefront downtown Vancouver.

Day 14
 The domes and crosses of St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Vancouver.


  1. so glad you are alive my friend... don't mind me saying... I love everything you share with us and am so glad that heart attack didn't take any of this away from us. You, my dear Andrea, are a true friend and a treasure indeed... be well!
    I also 'love' your cat... amazing eyes :)

  2. love your little girl :) great pics!


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