October 16, 2014

Days 197-203

Day 197
 Miniature roses budding like its spring all over again.

Day 198
 Fascinating cloud formations.

Day 199
 Beauty unfolding after months of waiting. I almost gave up on them.

Day 200
 Muted fall colour on a discounted succulent.

Day 201
 Vanity plate?  This one is more like a "Wisdom" plate.

Day 202
 Took a walk on the wild side and tried these red romano beans.  The flavour was nice but the texture was difficult for me.  I have a texture thing.

Day 203
Zacky-boy edited with a reflection app . . . iPad fun.


  1. Great photos, as usual. What is that white flower that you waited for so long? It's shape and colour are so elegant.
    I have a rhododendron that is blooming - odd, indeed.

  2. My Christmas Cacti are all in fulll bud! God gives so much feasting for the eyes and heart. Your photos are delightful, as always... the rose one!!!


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