November 7, 2014

Days 225-231

Day 225
 Every year we get some volunteer seedlings from the neighbours cedar  . . . I rescue them from the path between the house and the fence, pot them up and later park them in a new more suitable home.

Day 226
 "When you wish upon a star . . ."

Day 227
 I keep threatening to remove this rose bush that really consists of a single branch, is hiding behind a massive spirea, consistently has its leaves bug-eaten . . . and then it goes and does this!

Day 228
 Spring colours in early fall.

Day 229
 Rain-splashed New Guinea Impatiens foliage.

Day 230
 It's not everyday that you see 2 orange men waving signs on the street so I obviously had to find a spot to capture the craziness.  Apparently the best spot was the Dairy Queen parking lot.  I may have slipped into the drive-through line-up after snapping the shot.

Day 231
My girl Gracie . . . about 8 weeks after her lion cut. 
Her hair grows fast and she is much happier now.


  1. your close up dandelion reminds me of Wyatt's joy with them...
    your orange man caption is priceless... I just may have slid into a Tim Horton's today when I visited with my foster girl Dorie <3
    Gracie does look good all grown in ... and your rose heard your threats and opened your eyes to her beauty...
    lovely sharing my friend~ I always love coming here

  2. Great shot of the dandelion - amazing how it looks like a golf ball underneath.

  3. Orange man is quite a sight! Love the little volunteers that you pot up and move. I hate destroying perfectly good plants that have worked hard to grow.


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