September 6, 2012

Days 204-210

Day 204
 What's growing on my kitchen window sill.

Day 205
 Last of the hydrangeas.

Day 206
 Calculating kitten.

Day 207
 This package is on its way to #2 grandgirlie  . . . birthday next week.

Day 208
 Heliotrope, heather and a lone marigold holding up a little longer with the warm weather.

Day 209
 Love the textures of the chimney and the shingles.

Day 210
Waiting in traffic . . . a shot across the river.


  1. The 'hydrangeas' my dear, the hydrangeas... you have captured my favourite colours and depths and beauty all in one photo... sigh... so happy!

  2. I am so happy to see these pictures. It is difficult to catch them I can imagine with the hours of your days vested elsewhere. I know that time crunch so well. I love that you took the one picture waiting in traffic...I hope to get my scavenger hunt together this evening and tomorrow...

    Smiling here,

  3. Chimney and Shingles gets my vote this week! I'm beginning to realize that I'm drawn to structures. Structures with structure...square angles, straight lines and three dimensions.


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