April 14, 2016

Days 85-91

Day 85
 Mr. Molly, a recent addition to the household.

Day 86
Leafy skeleton. 

Day 87
 Blossom season has begun.

Day 88
 Petrified tendrils on Virginia Creeper vine.

Day 89
 Morning sun with a flare.

Day 90
Blue sky and spring blossoms.

Day 91
Tulipa tarda, a clustering tulip variety.

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  1. These are magnificent, each one! colour and dancing across the page and Mr Molly not yet convinced that he has arrived halfway to heaven by being in your home....I am always so grateful for eyes to see this blessing all around us. Out now to enjoy sixteen little baba goats, to see them prance and leap, to feel there amazing softness, to smell their warm life all around them, to learn all their little voices with different inflections in their baas all in harmony with the robin and chickadee song about us.
    O taste and see that the Lord is good... it is such a good day
    My Bethany had her dog confront a skunk last night and she had run through the house before they realized it had happened. a smelly night it seems. I am off to visit tomorrow with a tomato juice can in my suitcase... Isn't it lovely to have all our senses so alive... truly a God gift.
    Loved that leafy skeleton and the twisted tendril. Mr Molly's eyes take the cake though.
    Hugs dear friend. I am so glad for all the folk around you that are blessed because of your beautiful vision and giftings.


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