May 13, 2013

Days 85-91

Day 85
 Ready for take-off.

Day 86
 My dad's new rescue dog, Joey . . . isn't he gorgeous!

Day 87
Chrysanthemums peeking out from the shadows.

Day 88
 I had this lovely painted clay wine cooler that I was using as a planter.  It did not fare well over the winter and shattered into many pieces.  I couldn't bear to part with the remainder and this week I planted this little succulent in it.

Day 89
 My "Killian Donahue" clematis is bigger than my hand.

Day 90
 And on the other side of the yard, the "Montana" clematis with its small white flowers is spreading far and wide and producing hundreds of blooms.

Day 91
The giant alliums are up and bursting out of their tight pods.  
Looks like this bee's bags are full already.


  1. I love how you see the world my dear friend!
    so much glory!

  2. Joey IS gorgeous and the "Chrysanthemums peeking out from the shadows" looks like a painting I would hang on any wall. Beautiful as always. Thank you. :)


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