March 18, 2013

Days 29-35

Day 29
 Big pot of chicken stock in the making.

Day 30
Hello, little birdie . . .welcome back.

Day 31
 Stamps on a card from one of Shannon's sponsored kids.

Day 32  
 I love the neighbour's japonica that snuggles up to the fence and drapes over the side.

Day 33 
 Yah, I really like it . . . so beautiful!

Day 34
A little patch of moss on the fence rail.

Day 35
White Persian lilac first leaf buds.

1 comment:

  1. thank you for welcoming us to your the close ups... all the new life... love the new life.
    I am so tired... could sleep but off to the barns to check baaas. Looking for new life :)
    the Lord will continue to bless you, I know, so you can continue to bless us !
    I so often dislike food photos~ the colours are not right somehow but you caught it right on and of course you 'always' you dear friend!


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