June 28, 2014

Days 120-126

Day 120
 This budding promise barely opened before something damaged the stem and caused it to wilt away . . . disappointing.

Day 121
 This guy was on the inside but the photo serves to remind I must get outside and wash those windows. He has quite the fancy fringe all around.

Day 122
 Really enjoying my succulents, starting a new planter from "chicks".

Day 123
 Photo-bombed again.

Day 124
 Grilled veggies and pineapple . . . yum!

Day 125
 Sweet adventure with my friend, Faith.  
Love Cirque de Soleil!

Day 126
Who me? You think I did what?


  1. I love the light...so much glorious light

  2. Beautiful photos - those photobombing insects are everywhere! Grilled vegetables and pineapple sound like a great combination.


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