July 12, 2014

Days 127-133

Day 127
 Another little cedar sapling transplanted out of harms way. I rescued one about 2 years ago that is now about 5 feet tall.

Day 128
 Creamy yellow swirl at the centre.

Day 129
 My little girl, Gracie Lou . . . time for a haircut again.

Day 130
 Vibrant lilies.

Day 131
 Family get-together photo . . . some peeps are more cooperative than others.

Day 132
 Low down and buttercuppery.

Day 133
"Sunny Knockout"


  1. That low down and butterycuppery makes me think that might have been a challenging shot but well worth it. I don't think of yellow as my favourite colour but it does make me happy.
    My favourite is the family photo of course. The first time for all the grand babies to be together. I got a kick out of the 2 youngest looking down at the older 3 kids. I wonder what they were thinking. Katherine serene as always in the midst of chaos.

  2. The stamens in the Tiger Lily is a great shot. My favourite it the family group portrait. I think I've learned something from that photo op: letting the subjects go nuts creates an altogether more interesting photo. By the way, I'm stealing that photo to add in my Facebook page - may I have your permission please?

  3. The family photo is so much fun! Love the little transplanted cedar, too.

  4. Low down and buttercuppery. (sigh) Oh how I wish to sit in that for a while... love the family photo as well. Thank you again for the beauty, Andrea.


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