July 21, 2014

Days 134-140

Day 134
Sitting on my desk looking adorable. 
Take the picture and then scoot her off.

Day 135
 Wild berry blossoms.

Day 136
 Shannon Falls just south of Squamish, BC.

Day 137
 Baby bird in the courtyard at work.  One of two little ones that kept us captivated until they were able to fly away with mama.

Day 138
 Black-eyed Susan's closer to blooming.

Day 139
 Lavender spikes and lovely bokeh.

Day 140
Love the colours of nature.


  1. isn't it lovely to see all this life before winter and rest settles in again....

  2. This is such an abundant time of year, all fluttering and crawling and blooming and waving in the wind. You captured it beautifully.


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