June 21, 2014

Days 106-112

Day 106
 After the rain . . .

Day 107
 Short-stemmed carnations survived the winter . . . thought I lost them.

Day 108
 Magnolia blossom beauty.

Day 109
 That little green critter better not chomp on this beauty.

Day 110
 Stormy sunset.

Day 111
 Got a great deal on some yummy organic red grapes.

Day 112
Fern fronds unfolding in the morning sun.


  1. Beautiful photos of moments to savor. The creamy magnolia is stunning.

  2. Awww magnolia... a favourite smell for me. I remember just standing under my aunt's tree in Mexico and ... breathing... you have brought that memory all back dear friend.
    raindrops on a leaf... always a beautiful mystery to me

  3. After the rain - my favourite photo and my favourite time...


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