January 17, 2015

Days 316-322

Day 316
Christmas flowers from a friend.

Day 317
Christmas stars for Shannon and Alison.

Day 318
Alstroemeria close-up.

Day 319
Merry Christmas! Spending time at my daughter's.

Day 320
Boxing day adventure with my daughter. She stopped on the side of the road to let me "shoot" the sheep. No animals were harmed.

Day 321
Wonderful morning light for this shot.

Day 322
The missing chocolate finally found.  These were supposed to be in my stocking but they got stashed and forgotten.


  1. I am glad your shooting skills are harmless~
    love all your compositions~

  2. You're starting to catch up! Great photos Andrea.

  3. All beautiful photos, but the last one really spoke to me! Chocolate - delightful in so many ways!


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