January 10, 2015

Days 288-294

Day 288
Raven in the rain.

Day 289
Christmas season comes to the windowsill.

Day 290
Oak leaf on frosty pavement.

Day 291
I am a little smitten with my Christmas cactus.

Day 292
First snow of the season . . . last few days of November.

Day 293
The spirea looks almost the same in summer with its lovely white blossoms.

Day 294
All ready for the gift exchange at the Beloved Christmas Gala.


  1. I love blossoms in winter... also smitten here with mine <3
    a blessed New Year to you my friend ... may this year's journey be lovely

  2. I'm also smitten with your Christmas cactus. Mine did nothing this year - not one bloom. Time to investigate why!


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