January 12, 2015

Days 302-308

Day 302
Christmas tree up . . . early December.

Day 303
Mirror ball ornaments . . . love these little guys.

Day 304
Pretty little poinsettia from my sister.

Day 305
Roasting pumpkin for the only Christmas baking I will do. 
Pumpkin Cheesecake Roll, the new family favourite.

Day 306
This handmade ornament was a gift to me 37 years ago.

Day 307
Sun flares, the last official week of autumn.

Day 308
So the clematis that did basically nothing all year decides to start growing in December.


  1. God growth... in His timing...

  2. I love the comment from thefisherlady. So true...and yes the pumpkin cheesecake roll is the new family favourite.

  3. You're on a roll with your photos. Pumpkin cheesecake roll sounds delicious!


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