January 25, 2015

Days 337-343

Day 337
 I love January in Metro Vancouver.

Day 338
 My fat-free dinner the night before an ultrasound.

Day 339
 The final straggler on the Christmas cactus that started blooming in November.

Day 340
 Peace lily blooming again on my desk at work.

Day 341
 Latest crochet project . . . snapped a #10 hook.  Glad I had a backup.

Day 342
 Not totally pleased with the outcome. This little basket was supposed to stand much taller and narrower but had fun trying it out.

Day 343
Morning sun through the bathroom window.


  1. I just had the best visit with you... seeing your photos does that to me each time... you photograph your heart in each picture... the last is my favourite~the soft light

  2. The soft light through the interesting glass bottles is my favourite.


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