March 2, 2012

Days 15-21

Day 15
Yesterday the first robin, today snowing like crazy . . . didn't last long though.

Day 16
Shannon and Ali's cat, Zack.  He calls me "Auntie-Grandma".

Day 17
  Papery orange husks of the Chinese Lantern plant.
 I finally made my lightbox and am loving it.
(Lightbox tutorial here)

Day 18
Spring is busting out all over.

Day 19
 A gift from a friend.

Day 20
Part of the nightly routine around here . . . treats to entice Gracie home from Auntie Shannon's.  Works every time. 

Day 21
I had some errands to run and found this little fella in a tree in the parking lot by the Organic Grocer.  That's why I take my camera everywhere.

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