March 9, 2012

Days 22-28

Day 22
 Green grass in the lawn but the tall grasses in the planters are still waiting for warmer weather.

Day 23
 My friend Faith runs a theatre company callled "Imagine That Productions".  I went to see Peter Pan and Wendy on Saturday afternoon . . . great fun.

Day 24
 "A Chicken in Every Pot" . . . well at least there is one in mine and I'm making soup.

Day 25
 Chalkboard grocery list . . . more soup fixin's.

Day 26
 Sunny day encouraged these lovelies to open wide . . . glorious!

Day 27
 Mmmm, mmmm! I am a certified wing-nut.

Day 28
I have been volunteering at the Canadian Boccia Nationals Competition . ..  yesterday, today and tomorrow as well.  I am in charge of the call room where all the athletes must gather before their match.  This is Abneet, a precious young lady participating in her first competition.  Many of the competitors in this tournament will be representing Canada in London 2012 Paralympics.

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