April 22, 2014

Days 50-56

Day 50
 Forsythia blooms while the garden angel plays the wind chime harp.

Day 51
 Rear-view sunset.

Day 52
 "Love endures ALL things."

Day 53
 Shaded little spring treasures.

Day 54
 White-crowned Sparrow.

Day 55
 Clusters of pale pink blossoms . . . sighing with the beauty of them.

Day 56
"If, of thy mortal gifts, thou art bereft, 
and from thy slender store, two loaves alone are left,
sell one and from the dole,
but hyacinths to feed the soul."
~ Muslih-uddin Sadi

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  1. All so beautiful they make me sigh. I really love the light in the photo with the white birdhouse.


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