April 10, 2014

Days 15-21

Day 15

 Snow days continue.

Day 16 
Somebody came for a visit . . . wonder who?

Day 17
 Love the way the snow settles on the branches.

Day 18
Surveying the land from his lofty perch.

Day 19
 Some fall leaves still blowing around.

Day 20
Beauty in the broken.

Day 21 
A kitten at each end of the couch . . . my girl Gracie and her kitty-cousin Zack.


  1. As I look forward to another spring-like day (hopefully getting into the 70's today), I see your pictures and count my blessings. I hope Jack Frost shows mercy on your area soon. :) Beautiful eyes as always, Andrea. Thank you.

  2. Lovely captures of your world.


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