April 15, 2014

Days 29-35

Day 29
 Tiny clusters of seed cones.

Day 30
 My "Black Onyx" hellebores  . . . barely bloomed and then the stems got damaged.

Day 31
 Not singing in the rain . . . I wish they would have taken shelter in some of the big cedars nearby.

Day 32
 My little honey bear.

Day 33
 Fringed pink tulips, never really opened up properly but were pretty at this stage.

Day 34
 Swiss water decaf in the grinder.

Day 35
Enjoying the splash of colour on the table.


  1. Too bad about the hellebores. In the photo they look like the beautiful, old fashioned crumpled flowers that adorned ladies' hats. Those crows look like they are just enjoying being miserable in the rain.

  2. Simply lovely... and... I love the crows. :)


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