March 29, 2014

Days 351-357

Day 351
Embossed snowflake design salvaged from a Christmas card.

Day 352
Licorice spice tea in my lovely green cup.

Day 353
Sewing project had me busy for days.

Day 354
Backup bobbin full of thread.

Day 355
I could eat asparagus every day . . .  can't believe I went so many years where I didn't care for it.

Day 356
African Violet macro shot.

Day 357
Love these old glass lids . . . can you guess what's in the jar?
(Pistachios ☺)

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  1. Lovely counting of the days. Like you, I hated asparagus for many years, but now I love it. I think it was because we occasionally had the canned stuff and that's quite awful. Now I like it roasted with olive oil until crisp tender - which looks like yours.
    Will we see more of the sewing project hint?


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