July 8, 2013

Days 141-147

Day 141
 Love the spicy fragrance of carnations . . . first time I have grown them in too many years.

Day 142
 Canada Day . . . BBQ with Shan and Ali's boccia kids.  Natasha is a "little person" and the sweetest young lady.  These are her cutesy little toes painted so pretty.

Day 143
 Peace . . . such a gift!

Day 144
 Morning glories . . . such a lovely name for what is more often considered an aggressive and invasive weed.  Pretty though.

Day 145
♫ "There can be miracles, when you believe . . ."♫

Day 146
 Harvested some lavender this day and had to take some pictures before hanging to dry.

Day 147
Such beauty in Alison's rose garden.  
These might be my favourites.  

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  1. the rose garden... absolutely my favourite! like ann old master's painting!


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