July 31, 2013

Days 162-168

Day 162
 Beach silhouettes.

Day 163
 Ali's roses are blooming abundantly.

Day 164
 The moon appeared so large and the sky was so clear.

Day 165
 From the outside looking in after dark.

Day 166
 Exquisite perfection!

Day 167
 Almost a month with no rain here . . . the water drops are from my evening watering.

Day 168
After completing some cushions and a tablecloth for my sister's outdoor furniture there was enough fabric scraps for a matching banner.


  1. July!! You captured the month perfectly. The beach. The moon. Roses in full bloom. And looking in from a warm summer night.

  2. I want to hang on to YOUR July. The moon and Ali's roses are extra special.

  3. The roses are so lovely, Andrea. I very much enjoy the beach shot as well... the glittering sunlight makes me long to be there. :)


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