July 22, 2013

Days 155-161

Day 155
 Lovely lemony yellow lilies.

Day 156
 Tomatoes getting bigger ever day.

Day 157
 Selfie featuring my pretty green ring and my faithful friend, my camera.

Day 158
 First time to capture a tiger swallowtail . . . so exciting to find it in the yard.

Day 159
 The distinctive fruit of the maple tree called samaras,
"maple keys", "whirly-birds" or "polynoses".
~ Wikipedia

Day 160
 Another web this week.  This time I used a mister with water to highlight the construction of the web.  I wonder if one of these inspired the creation of the doily.

Day 161
Sunday afternoon water baptism at Crescent Beach.

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  1. Love the selfie but they are all beautiful. Thanks for the loveliness and the inspiration Andrea.


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