July 15, 2013

Days 148-154

Day 148
 The early morning sun highlighted the strands of silk in this intricate web.

Day 149
 Hello flutterby!

Day 150
 The blossoms of the giant alliums are long gone but they are still very interesting to photograph.

Day 151
 Tall trees in the Surrey Urban Forest. 
 I stopped in for a visit before my appointment with cardiac rehab.

Day 152
 Urban farms along the freeway on the way to Vancouver.

Day 153
 This little fella found a yummy treat.

Day 154
Fun with dill.


  1. nice my friend~ a joy to visit again!

  2. Your world is so very, very big...even at the macro level you capture hills, valleys and grand vistas that make the eye do a double-take. Savoring...

  3. You always give me such a nice vista on which to rest for a moment. Lovely, Andrea. Thank you.


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