June 30, 2013

Days 134-140

Day 134
 Lavender treats.

Day 135
 The peonies kind of took a beating with so much rain.
I rescued these and brought them inside.

Day 136
 Clematis seed head with rain drop sprinkles.

Day 137
 This cheeky fella was after the bird seed but I sent him packing . . . after I took his picture.

Day 138
 Daisies will soon be blooming.

Day 139
 This little critter came in the bathroom window and spent the night so of course I needed to do a little research to identify.  Lacewing is the perfect name for this beauty.

Day 140
Spotted this sign on the way home from an outing with the girls. 
Made me smile and I am passing it on.


  1. Thank you for brightening this rainy day, Andrea. I really like "Lavender treats". Mine have been blooming and even protected a black swallowtail chrysalis until it could break out and stretch its wings. And... my prayers that you have the BEST day EVER too! :)


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