June 26, 2013

Days 127-133

Day 127
This sweet little birdhouse is only an inch and 1/2 tall.  Sure is cute, though.

Day 128 
 A swatch from a potholder . . . a nod to the grandgirlies and their folks new endeavor with laying hens and meat birds.

Day 129
 Garage sale find . . . large enough to serve as a fruit dish, but probably will wind up with a plant in it at some point.

Day 130
 After the rain.

Day 131
 Sparkling water with mint sprig and strawberry, served at my church's ladies night, "Beloved".

Day 132
 Gifted bird feeder set up and open for business.
Thank you Ken and Kari.

Day 133
My girl, Gracie, snoozing beside me on the computer desk.  
Sure likes to be close to her human.

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  1. snooze is good... off to do it :)
    such wonderful photos!


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