January 26, 2013

Days 344-350

 Day 344
A walk down the lane led to the discovery of these winter beauties.

Day 345
Chicken and roasted veggies . . . sweet potato, onion, garlic, green pepper, tomato and some pineapple for good measure.  Very delicious!

Day 346

Red berries on a foggy Sunday after church.

Day 347 
 Striking cloud formations this day . . . the heavens declaring the glory of God.

Day 348
I found this leaf on the ground and was struck by it's beauty.  It is over 9 inches long from tip to stem and almost totally transparent.

Day 349 
 So thankful for green houseplants during the gray days of winter.  This started out as a wee cutting from a friend a few short years ago and produces gorgeous blooms.

Day 350
Waiting patiently for warmer days to display baskets of abundant beauty. Not hard to tell I am longing for spring and the changing of this cold and difficult season I am in.


  1. love these.... again! We wait on the Lord's glory day by day and still he blesses with such beauty!
    His name be praised for ever!

  2. I really enjoy your weekly posts Andrea - it's a great way to sneak a peek into your world through your eyes.
    The sky and clouds highlighted by the heavenly glow can properly be considered "awe-some".


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